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Most California employment is “at-will.” At-will employment means that generally, employers can fire you at any time, without warning, for no reason, or even for unfair reasons. But that does not mean they can fire you unlawfully. When an employer fires someone for reasons that break state or federal laws, an Irvine wrongful termination attorney can help you.  At the Law Office of John Dalton, our firm’s mission is to help employees whose employers have mistreated them achieve justice. Our commitment to our clients includes compassion, professionalism, and hard-hitting representation. It is, without a doubt, difficult when an employer unlawfully terminates an employee, and we pride ourselves in helping employees secure outcomes that reflect the hardships they are going through. If your employer wrongfully terminated you, the first step is to contact an Irvine wrongful termination attorney at the Law Office of John Dalton. We can explain your rights, help you determine what comes next, and fight to hold your employer accountable. 

What is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination happens when an employer unjustly fires an employee. Laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) ensure workers have legal rights and support against these unfair practices. A wrongful act can arise from discrimination based on age, race, or gender, retaliation against whistleblowers, or when employees resist participating in illicit activities. Moreover, a termination not complying with an employment contract’s terms may be considered wrongful. Here are some examples of wrongful termination:

  • Letting an employee go due to age, race, gender, or other protected traits;
  • Termination for standing against or refusing to be part of illegal actions;
  • Dismissals arising from an employee’s workers’ compensation claim;
  • Firing employees who take their rightful leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA);
  • Terminating staff for opposing overtime abuses; and
  • Letting someone go without a valid reason in contradiction with their contract terms.

If you believe you have faced unlawful termination, an experienced wrongful termination lawyer in Irvine at the Law Office of John Dalton can review your claim, help you file with the right agency, and help you decide the best way to tackle your employer’s misconduct.

Tens of Millions of Dollars Recovered for Our Clients

$395,000.00 Confidential Settlement Doe v. Roe FEHA race discrimination/harassment case; in arbitration; settlement
$254,400.00 Millay v. DTM Enterprises et al. Judgment sex discrimination/harassment; Nevada County Superior Court
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What Kind of Compensation Can I Get for Wrongful Termination?

In a wrongful termination case, compensation hinges on numerous considerations. Generally, when an employer wrongfully terminates an employee, the employee might be entitled to the following types of damages:

  • Lost income. This encompasses earnings an employee would have accrued if their employer had not unjustly dismissed them. Lost income might include damages like overtime and other forms of unpaid compensation.
  • Forfeited benefits. Employees may recover the sum of all lost benefits, such as retirement plans, stock options, and insurance, which they missed out on due to the termination.
  • Emotional distress and physical pain. In certain circumstances, employees may be eligible to obtain compensation for the psychological distress they endured because of their unwarranted dismissal as well as physical pain and sickness that can be caused by stress.
  • Punitive damages. If an employee can establish that their employer acted with malice or oppression in their decision to terminate them, a court or jury has the discretion to award punitive damages.
  • Legal costs. Expenses employees incur in pursuing a wrongful termination claim, such as attorney’s fees and court costs, may also be recoverable.

Working with an experienced Irvine wrongful termination attorney can maximize your chance of securing a settlement that covers all your losses and damages.

How Can an Irvine Wrongful Termination Attorney at The Law Office of John Dalton Help Me?

If you believe your employer wrongfully terminated you, contact us first. The sooner you speak to an experienced attorney for wrongful termination, the more likely your case will succeed. You deserve fair treatment, and the Law Office of John Dalton is ready to fight for your right to a just resolution. Once you contact us, we will:

  • Examine your case—we will assess if your termination was wrongful;
  • Inform you of your rights—we will provide clear guidance on your next steps, explaining your rights and any potential remedies;
  • Collect evidence—we will assist in gathering the proof you need to support a strong claim;
  • If appropriate, we will negotiate with your employer—we will work toward a suitable settlement that includes appropriate compensation for all of your damages; and  
  • Defend you—if your employer does not settle, we can help you file a complaint with the appropriate authorities and represent you in all proceedings, including in court.

The law is on your side, and the dedicated wrongful termination team at the Law Office of John Dalton is here to enforce it. We will stand by you from the moment you take the first step to obtaining compensation and justice to your case’s resolution.

The Law Office of John Dalton, Your Employment Law Advocates

At the Law Office of John Dalton, we only practice employment law, offering the utmost professionalism as evidenced by our:

  • Esteemed credentials. Attorney John Dalton, a former CIA officer and an alumnus of the University of California at San Diego and California Western School of Law, is a beacon for people seeking justice in employment law matters. His remarkable accomplishments have gained recognition on ABC Primetime and were highlighted in the Los Angeles Times.
  • History of achievement. With over a quarter-century of experience under his belt, Attorney John Dalton’s accolades include securing several verdicts in sexual harassment cases that were seven and eight figures, one being the largest in California’s history ($33.65 million).
  • Clear communication. We simplify legal jargon, answer all questions, and consistently keep you apprised of your case’s developments at every step.
  • Empathetic approach. We recognize the strain of facing wrongful termination and attentively listen to ensure we grasp every crucial aspect of your situation, making sure you feel acknowledged and understood.

If you think you are a victim of wrongful termination, do not wait. A mistake in filing your initial wrongful termination claim can undermine your chances of a successful outcome. Instead,  reach out for a free case review. We will advocate fiercely for you, ensuring your wrongful termination claim will be handled correctly from start to finish.