Meet John Dalton

top-rated california employment lawyer representing those mistreated by their employer

John Dalton graduated from the University of California at San Diego (B.A., Economics with Honors) in 1985.  From 1988 to 1994, he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency and completed one overseas tour in Paris, France from 1990 to 1993.  He left his active status with the CIA in 1993 and began law school at California Western School of Law the same year.

He graduated from California Western in August 1995, having participated in an accelerated, two year program, took the February 1996 Bar Exam, passed it, and was admitted to the State Bar the same year.  His employment with the CIA ceased in 1994.  He worked for a private law firm from August 1995 to December 1998.  He established his own law office in December 1998, which is located in Solana Beach, California.  John’s law practice has always focused on representing plaintiffs in employment discrimination cases, with the vast majority of these cases being sex or gender discrimination/harassment cases. John has been trial counsel in several sexual harassment cases.

All of these trials have resulted in some of the largest verdicts in the State of California for sexual harassment cases.  One case was the largest in the nation with a verdict of over $30,000,000 and over $8,000,000 awarded in attorney fees (Gober et al. v. Ralphs Grocery Company).  Other cases include Marcisz et al. v. Ulstrastar Cinemas et al. with a verdict of $6,850,000 and over $2,000,000 in attorney fees awarded and Moran v. Shah Management, Inc. et al. with a $1,250,000 verdict and over $1,000,000 awarded in attorney fees.

Several of John’s cases have been featured in the national news including Primetime Live with Chris Wallace and NOW on PBS (Is Your Daughter Safe at Work?).  John has also litigated hundreds of employment discrimination cases in his career with tens of millions of dollars in settlements.

John will fight for you.  He has a true David versus Goliath mentality and cannot stand a bully.  His entire career has focused on giving the voiceless a voice and putting the little guy on the same playing field as the corporate giants.  He is accessible and will listen when you have something to say.

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