Job discrimination and other forms of unfair treatment at work are still significant issues in this country. Hiring an Irvine employment lawyer to help you file legal action against your employer can be one of the best decisions you can make for your professional life. The Law Office of John Dalton is California’s premier employment law firm. John Dalton has been representing mistreated employees for decades and has won record-breaking verdicts for multiple clients. If you need help, call the Law Office of John Dalton today to schedule a consultation.

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When Do I Need an Employment Attorney?

You should consult an attorney whenever your employer violates the law. California employers must follow several state and federal laws to ensure their employees’ safety and fair treatment. These laws safeguard employees against many illegal behaviors, including: 

  • Wage theft, 
  • Discrimination, 
  • Creating or maintaining unsafe working conditions, 
  • Demanding an employee engage in unlawful behavior,  
  • Harassment,
  • Retaliation, and 
  • Breach of contract.

In many workplace disputes, an employer is liable for failing to comply with multiple laws mentioned above. Our knowledgeable Irvine employment attorney can identify all legal claims and win all compensation available in your case.

What Can an Attorney Do for Me?

As mentioned above, a skilled attorney can perform the hard work necessary to initiate and maintain a successful complaint against your employer. This hard work typically includes the following: 

  • Identifying all legal rights implicated in your dispute; 
  • Helping you properly initiate internal workplace complaints that might be necessary to preserve your rights; 
  • Gathering the best evidence to support your position in a complaint;
  • Identifying and interviewing witnesses; 
  • Helping you properly initiate a claim with a government agency or civil court;
  • Calculating the financial value of your case; and
  • Arguing your case in court or at the negotiation table.

If your claim is victorious, you could stand to recover compensation for your financial losses, payment for your pain and suffering, reimbursement for your legal costs, and court-ordered changes in your workplace.

How Do I Seek Legal Remedies in a Workplace Dispute?

Often, employees obtain legal relief from their employers by filing a claim with one of the following: 

  • An employer’s human resources department,
  • The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 
  • The California Civil Rights Department, 
  • The California Labor Commissioner’s Office, 
  • The Attorney General, 
  • The United States Department of Labor, 
  • The California Department of Industrial Relations, or 
  • A civil court. 

Depending on the nature of your situation and where you initiate your claim, you might have as few as 45 days or as many as three years to file your complaint. You should immediately speak with us about your legal rights so that we can help you protect your interests. 

Are Workplace Disputes Common?

Unfortunately, employers still violate labor, civil, and criminal laws protecting employees. For instance, the EEOC reported receiving 4,404 job discrimination charges in 2022. The California Department of Industrial Relations says it received 9,633 valid complaints regarding workplace hazards in 2022. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports that employers in Los Angeles County have committed minimum wage violations that have bilked their employees out of an average of approximately $26-28 million in weekly wages. This is an alarming snapshot of the types of mistreatment many California workers endure.

Some unlawful employer actions are accidental, while other illegal activities are intentional. Even if your employer did not intend to break the law or cheat you, you are often still entitled to compensation and legal relief. However, if you can prove that your employer willfully committed a legal violation, you may have a right to additional penalty payments or punitive damages.

Let Us Resolve Your Employment Issue Today

Confronting an employer that does not respect your legal rights is rarely easy, but you deserve compensation for the mistreatment you endure. At the Law Office of John Dalton, we can take on the complexities and stress of your workplace dispute and ensure that you receive just compensation from an offending employer. John Dalton is a highly experienced employment lawyer in Irvine, CA, who does not tolerate negligent or unethical employers and knows how to make them pay for their misdeeds. John is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who has been practicing law since 1996. With his expertise and years of experience, John has won several multi-million dollar employment law verdicts, including some of the largest verdicts in the State of California and one that was the largest in the country. Accessing our top-level help is as simple as clicking a button. You can call or contact us on our website to schedule a consultation.